innovation & idea execution team 

it starts with your idea...
and we get others to listen

6 dials to tune for getting
the mix right

understand, develop, launch and grow your IDEA​

awareness of the potential

customer segmentation, price points and benefit analysis

make a dynamic strategy

strategies need to be dynamic like your ecosystem

plan, implement and learn

listen to your customers and find the right ones

launching the right mix

abc,…awareness, buying behaviours, customer acquisition costs

growing your sales

working with seasonality and dynamically changing eco-systems

finding talents and training

understanding what traits are needed and where to position

good ideas amplifyed

apply with your idea – we select one idea per quarter that fits the requirement “for a sounder place”

lets turn up the volume for your IDEA

sales & marketing tools

branding, business plans, sales and marketing plans, sales management,…

innovation & new work

defining spaces, new environments and multi-use concepts

organisational tools

project, program & product / service and innovations management

selling online

CRM, e-commerce, marketing automation, seo, social media organic & paid, …

selling offline

cold-calls, objection handling, negotiations, retail marketing…

we offer support in tuning channels to create a perfect mix and output

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some examples from our recent work

offline sales


sales guidebooks

hands-on guidebook for on the job selling



hybrid workshops using role-play, improvisation & innovation

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 19.37.52

retail space pos & pop

redesigning shop fronts, designing new pos elements and pop-ups

online sales

Screenshot 2022-03-10 at 21.23.53

social media ads

analysing markets, budgeting & planning, CAC and posting


crm systems

designing processes and implementing systems for automation

Screenshot 2022-03-25 at 00.35.44

website development

user-flow analysis, structure, design and production

space and innovation projects


retail space

complete design of retail space, pos and pop


shared facilities

concept, development and production of shared office space


office space

implementing concepts of new work for future hybrid work environments

we live New Work principles at amplifyers

we support organisations that consider a stronger integration of their employees and their ecosystem, because we see that stronger integration makes organizations more powerful and deliver foundations for organic growth and dynamic adaptation to changing environments.


“we make decisions as a group, each of us has a unique skill set and treat each other as equals… for your idea we know and have the right amplifyer!”

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passion is people, dynamic and complex systems and  behaviour patterns



passion is design, simplicity and creativity in structures and the human body



passion is complex networks and projects and organisation



passion is art and theatre, performance and working with social media



passion is copywriting with public relations for our home environment

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